Happy New Year and hello to everyone!

I would like to introduce Grijjy Consulting to the developer community.  We are a team of developers who love engineering software.  The Grijjy team focuses on software engineering topics that cover the full stack and we specialize in areas of coding that are not typically covered.   The purpose of this blog is to share our code and experiences with the community.

Our background covers a variety of platforms, Delphi/RAD Studio, Java/Android Studio, C/C++/C#, Assembly on many platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and MacOS.  The team has been coding in Delphi since its early inception.  We also have a breadth of technology management expertise with successful start-up launches, growth and proven exits.

We have spent years developing interesting projects that we are going to open up and share over the coming months of 2017.  We hope you all enjoy the work and you find it useful.  Feel free to ask questions and contribute.

The Grijjy Team

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