Deployment Manager now Open Source

The Grijjy Deployment Manager (DeployMan) is a tool to simplify the deployment of files and folders for iOS and Android apps written in Delphi. It is especially useful if you need to deploy a lot of files, such as 3rd party SDKs.

Information and Usage

The Deployment Manager (DeployMan) was first introduced in the blog post Embed Facebook SDK for Android in your Delphi mobile app (Part 2) by Allen Drennan. He used it there to automate the deployment of a large number of files and folders. The post shows a quick introduction of how to use the tool.

The tool was also used in Allen’s blog post about creating iOS and macOS App Extensions with Delphi.

For a more visual introduction, you can also check out his CodeRage 2019 video Bulk file deployment with the Grijjy DeployMan.

Open Source

We have had some requests to open source this tool. We weren’t able to do so in the past because the app depended on a commercial XML library. However, I have swapped out this library for the open source Neslib.Xml library. The result is an open source version of the Grijjy Deployment Manager on GitHub. It is licensed under the very permissive Simplified BSD license.


If you don’t care about the source code, you can download recent executables from the Releases page on GitHub. There you will find a file called DeployMan.zip that contains the executable. There are no other files needed to run the app.

Source Code

If you want to build the tool yourself, then you need to make sure to clone the repository recursively, so it also pulls the dependencies:

> git clone --recursive https://github.com/grijjy/GrijjyDeployMan

The app depends on these other open source libraries:

  • The Neslib repository is a small base library used in various repositories by yours truly.
  • The Neslib.Xml repository is used to load and save Delphi project (.dproj) files. For more information about this library, checkout the blog post An XML DOM with just 8 bytes per node.
  • The Grijjy Foundation repository contains a lot of foundation classes and utilities. For the deployment manager, it is used primarily to load and save deployment settings to a JSON file.

If you don’t clone this repository recursively, then you need to manually clone the dependent repositories and make sure to add them to your search path in Delphi.


We would like you to contribute! If you have any improvements, you can create a pull request or become a contributor of the repository. Let us know in the comments if you would like to have push access, and we will send you an invite.

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