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MVVM Starter Kit (Part 1 of 3)

We present a framework to help you get started separating user interface from code using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. In this first part, I will briefly introduce the MVVM pattern, talk about data binding and start building out the Models for a sample application. In part 2 we will focus on the ViewModels and how these… Continue reading MVVM Starter Kit (Part 1 of 3)

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Alternative Dark Editor Themes for Delphi 10.2.2

We conclude Grijjy’s first blog year with a non-technical post for a change. We present two alternative color schemes for the text editor of the Delphi IDE that work well with the new dark theme that has been introduced with Delphi 10.2.2. I absolutely love Delphi’s new dark IDE theme and icon designs. It is… Continue reading Alternative Dark Editor Themes for Delphi 10.2.2

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Working with big data databases in Delphi – Cassandra, Couchbase and MongoDB (Part 3 of 3)

This final part of our trilogy on big data databases introduces a Delphi driver for MongoDB. This driver is independent from any other data access frameworks in Delphi and provides direct and efficient access to data on a MongoDB server. The previous posts in this series focus on Cassandra and Couchbase. For more information about… Continue reading Working with big data databases in Delphi – Cassandra, Couchbase and MongoDB (Part 3 of 3)

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Face Detection on Android and iOS

Android and iOS have built-in support for detecting faces in photos. We present a small platform-independent abstraction layer to access this functionality through a uniform interface. You can find the source code on GitHub as part of our JustAddCode repository. Like we did in our post on Cross Platform Text-to-Speech, we expose the functionality through a Delphi… Continue reading Face Detection on Android and iOS

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Experiments in Uniform Memory Management

We experiment with algorithms to make memory management in Delphi more consistent between desktop and mobile platforms. This eases debugging and finding memory leaks. We look into using object interfaces and semi-automatic memory management based on ownership. Along the way, we touch on using linked lists and Delphi’s messaging framework. Warning: this post is more… Continue reading Experiments in Uniform Memory Management

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SIMD Assembly Optimization

We get close to the metal as we demonstrate how you can incorporate assembly optimized SIMD routines into your Delphi apps. This can be done by using inline assembly code for Intel platforms, or by creating and linking a static library for ARM platforms. Nowadays, with optimizing and vectorizing compilers, few people still hand-write assembly… Continue reading SIMD Assembly Optimization