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Build your own Error Reporter – Part 1: iOS

We share some building blocks for rolling your own error reporter in Delphi. From intercepting unhandled exceptions, to retrieving a stack trace to symbolicating the error report. This part focuses on iOS. In the next part, we handle Android, which does things a bit differently. We won’t cover Windows here, since there are already some… Continue reading Build your own Error Reporter – Part 1: iOS

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Improve Android and iOS debug compilation speed

If you develop mobile apps with Delphi, you know it: compiling for Android and iOS is sloooooooooooooow, especially for debug builds. This little tip makes compiling Debug builds much faster… You may know this tip already, but if you don’t, you’ll be glad you do now. You would expect that Release builds take longer to… Continue reading Improve Android and iOS debug compilation speed

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Unit Testing Generic Types

So you created a generic class. Maybe a specialized generic collection, like a generic set. Professional as you are, you are going to need some unit tests for this class. But how do you test a class that can have so many variations depending on the type argument. You could write test cases for just… Continue reading Unit Testing Generic Types

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Cross Platform Abstraction

Delphi supports quite a few platforms now and the FireMonkey framework abstracts a lot of the platform specific issues for us. But occasionally you want to use a platform-specific feature that FireMonkey does not support (yet). Or maybe you want to use it outside of the FireMonkey framework. For example, suppose you want to add… Continue reading Cross Platform Abstraction